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"Since 9th grade, I wasn'€t good at Algebra 1 and Sally helped me to gain confidence and maintain a B+ average for all 4 quarters. Everything I learned in Algebra 1 helped me to understand the basics of Algebra 2. Again I was able to maintain nothing lower than a B in my junior year. In my senior year, I took Integrated Math 3 and I was able to get an A after finishing. Having Sally as my tutor really enforced the importance of understanding and appreciating Math because I am now enrolled in the Aviation Professional Pilot program at BC and the skills I have learned in Math has now helped me." - Krishard G.

"Sally is the most amazing teacher ever! Whenever you need help, all you have to do is ask Sally. In a year, she will have you swimming in a sea of A+'s." - Yasmeen 

€Wow! Our son went from C's and D's to A'€s and B'€s in a matter of weeks. MathDazed Tutoring is a Godsend. Thank you so much! -  David G. 

€MathDazed helped our son eliminate blocks to algebra 1. He's doing much better at school, but more importantly, he's much happier. -  Warren

We've been to a number of math tutors before trying MathDazed Tutoring. It turns out that our son's math problem was a simple matter of a few simple studying techniques. We still can't believe how easy it was for him. - Anthony & Anne C.

Miss Sally is a good tutor who needs to be a teacher for my school. She can really change your life, academically. I was a 2.0 GPA student and when Miss Sally came along I had a lot of fun learning Math which was a subject I disliked but now I'm at a 3.2 GPA. I'm now doing Algebra 1 instead of the regular Math class. - James W

Sally is an amazing tutor. She isn't too strict or boring which I like. No matter how much I don't like hw she gives you assignments when she leaves and they actually help you for some practice. My previous tutors they didn't really help me with Algebra as much as her. They would give me the anwers and they would solve it for me. Sally makes you think and she helps you to the point where she won't give you the answer but you will get it at the end. Overall Sally is an amazing tutor with flexible hours and she is a fun tutor where you can joke around but takes things serious at the same time :) - Krista

If your child is experiencing difficulties in Algebra, MathDazed Tutoring can help. Call us today for more information.

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All About Math

Why we do math?

by MathDazed Tutoring on 08/24/13

Math is used in our every day lives. When you go shopping, calculating how much money you owe your friends or how much they owe you, what your pay will be like, etc. We use math more than students think.....