MathDazed Tutoring is the brainchild of Sahleesha Pusey, a native of Jamaica. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science, a Masters in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Business Administration concentrating in Accounting. Sahleesha brings a wealth of academic excellence as well as proven record of over 18 years in tutoring over 100 students. It was with this experience that provided her with the insight that she enjoyed and excelled at tutoring. 

Many of her students were failing or had low averages in Mathematics and after attending Math tutoring with Sally, the students were able to excel with A's and B's. She has had students move up from a level 2 in FCAT to a level 3, two of her students have scored a 4.0 in FCAT in 2013 and one student moved from "F" in Algebra 2 to finish the term with a "C".

MathDazed Tutoring employs 2 instructors and a curriculum design specialists. We are available to provide assistance privately or in the group settings.

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